Job hunting platform advice for early career stage candidates

The first stages of your Career play a vital role in defining and candidates are currently applying for each role and any with success. The approach fosters despair fruitless Search goes on, applications’ quality drops due to platforms sending cover letters and CVs. This strategy is ineffective. I’m sharing my experience of online job applications from my time as a candidate at the first stages of my career and by a recruiter’s viewpoint, in the hope that it encourages individuals to be discerning and decreases the amount of applications being sent which are destined to fail before they have arrived. Here are my five top tips that may enable you to negotiate the online application process and increase your chances of getting an interview.

Apply for jobs that you are qualified for. You are wasting the recruiter’s time and your own time if you are not qualified, by getting a rejection email at best you will get disheartened, and no contact whatsoever at worst that is practice that is terrible but commonplace among businesses. Recruiters do not have to spend hours studying and reacting to those CVs. If anything, it shows you did not read the work post. Bombing multiple functions with letter and the CV is impersonal. The recruiter could think it idle that you did deal with role and industry, although this may work. Improve your chances by devoting every application, using the keywords at the job hunting platform singapore spec and writing a cover letter that shows you have already done some homework and explains why you would like to work for the corporation.

job hunting platform singaporeThere are a variety of mistakes I have been guilty of and have witnessed candidates and friends do. These include spelling and grammatical mistakes so important, addressing the incorrect person; not minding the CV rather than providing contact details. List your accomplishments do not just list where you have worked. Use an email address. Double-check everything before you ship. Your CV presentation ought to be crisp, clean and short. So recruiters can get the information they need minimal is led sections. For the recruiter’s sake make your CV simple but descriptive name. Jobs boards aren’t user-friendly from what I have seen on the recruiter side, so it can do your program no harm, in case you are able to make their life easier. Ensure it is consistent with your CV as both get sent to the recruiter if you are applying through a job board which has a candidate profile of you on the market.

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